Beautiful, graceful burial for a beloved dog

On the website called, H and L Photo, Helen and Laurent capture a beautiful loving farewell of their own pet Lunga.  Here are the words, that they wrote with their post.

Lunga the Dog’s Burial – Oakland, California.

Lunga the dog was a very special dog, she had a human heart.

Lunga was the most genuine of all party-animals and would stay out all night if we let her.  She loved people and and she loved parties. She had been to Burning Man so many times that she missed “the good old days” and the staff knew her by name.

In her younger years she worked as a performer in a traveling circus.  Laurent was a clown and they traveled around the US, living in a school bus, as part of a freakshow circus.   But here is the real kicker, Lunga was in New Orleans when hurricane Katrina hit and she swam out!

We are so sad to see her pass away but we sent her off in style. We planted a Weeping Cherry tree over the place where she now rests, in an urban farm plot owned by family.  She will always be surrounded by bunnies, chickens, and her best dog-friend Quila.

Rest in peace sweet Lunga.