Death over dinner – Conversations about death education

Michael Hebb and his colleagues ventured into bringing the conversation of death into the normal activity of sharing a meal.  Their work can be seen at  He speaks of the dinners and the death conversation as a gentle revolution to bring back into conversation the topic of death, and that by doing so he was personally amazed at how looking at death has taught him how to live.  At our Death Cafes I have seen people’s relief and interest in talking about death, and I have seen how life affirming these sessions have been.

Could you ask these questions on someone you love? Could you answer them yourself?

  • What do you want your final days to be like?
  • Who do you want near us in those final days?
  • How can we support the end of life wishes of those closest to us?

Michael’s explanation of their project and its outcomes is a must watch video from the TedMed collection.