Never Forgotten – stories of healing after the loss of a baby

Never Forgotten is a collection of stories about  love, loss, and healing after miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death. You can order this book on the website Never Forgotten.

Thanks to Mia and Bec, and all the families who contributed their stories and their love into making this book available.

Here are its table of contents:

06  Acknowledgements
09 –  Introduction
22 – Why is this so hard? Surviving the death of your baby
25 – Coping with guilt after your baby dies
44 – Anniversary reactions
49 – My lesson in grief
59  Meanings of life and death
64  A letter to the daughter I never got to meet
78  Early pregnancy loss
84 – Time all but paused
99  Parenting the dead
102  Losing my son: a father’s story
110  No recipe for grieving
129 – You and your partner—and grief
133  Memories of Madeline
152  It’s never too late: advice for parents whose baby died many years ago
158  Giving birth to a stillborn son
169  Grieving and remembering
174 – Further reading, helpful information, and resource lists