The Bottom Draw Book – expressing your wishes about your death

Lisa Herbert is the Australian author of this wonderful tool to assist people to write and record their decisions around there last days and wishes before their death.  Whether it is written 40 years before your death or in the last fortnight this book is an invaluable tool to open the conversation with loved ones about your wishes.  The content is down to earth and I love the humorous tones and drawings, which makes it feel like a person would feel not see this as a gloomy task.  The information along the way is practical and makes you think about topics that may not have been on your radar before, like who will close down my social media, what will I wear in my coffin, what do I want to say about the people left behind.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa at one of our Death Cafes in Brisbane.  She is a delightful person interested in the way in which Australians don’t seem to be talking much about death.

Lisa’s book is certainly a must have for all of your family, and I encourage you to visit her website