Whatever your beliefs, think twice if you decline a talk with the hospice chaplain

Lizzy Miles has written a thoughful essay on why we should perhaps consider the conversations and support we could gain from a hospice chaplain, whaterver our own beliefs.

You can read the whole story at: When Patients Refuse Hospitce Chaplian at Pallimed’s webpage. the Pallimed Blog.

A hospice chaplain is presented with many differing views on faith, no faith, spirituality, religion.  Many chaplains offer pastoral care to all comers, and can offer their support to you and your family.

Common reasons a chaplain is declined:

•  The patient has an existing long-term relationship with their church, mosque, synagogue or other group. They often believe their spiritual leader knows them and will be a supportive presence during their end-of-life journey.

•  The patient is concerned the hospice chaplain has a spiritual orientation different from their own and will proselytize a conflicting belief system.

•  The patient believes chaplains are supposed to be called in only at the very end. Inviting the chaplain in to their lives may represent “giving up.”

•  A well-meaning family member may speak on behalf of the patient, which may or may not represent the patient’s own view.

•  The patient or family is overwhelmed by the number of new people in their home, and initially refuses all non-medical services.